Reza Aslan (whom the HuffPo regards a “religious scholar”): Jesus was a Marxist.Old news, of course. Of the manufacture of Latest Real Jesuses there is no end. As Anthony Sacramone has pointed out:• Jesus was a woman .• Jesus was a space alien and is buried in Japan .• Jesus survived the crucifixion and is buried in Kashmir .• Jesus was a Buddhist .• Jesus was a Muslim .• Jesus was a Mormon .• Jesus was a magician .• Jesus was a Gnostic .• Jesus was the son of Mary and a Roman solider .• Jesus never existed .• Jesus was never executed .• Jesus was married and had children .• Jesus was a social revolutionary when he was not a mere Mediterranean peasant .• Jesus was an itinerant visionary whose real teachings exist only in distorted, fragmented form .• Jesus was insane .There must surely have been something not only mysterious but many-sided about Christ if so many smaller Christs can be carved out of him. If the Christian Scientist is satisfied with him as a spiritual healer and the Christian Socialist is satisfied with him as a social reformer, so satisfied that they do not even expect him to be anything else, it looks as if he really covered rather more ground than they could be expected to expect. – G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man