Jesus Christ said“Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.” (Lk 6:20–21).Propaganda says: Or the second group worked hard and were downsized before they could retire. Or their husband left them with four kids. Or they were widowed and could not function due to depression and grief. Or…..The unbelievably arrogant assumption that anybody in need of state assistance is a lifelong parasite is one of the most nasty anti-Christian lies of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism.A reader adds:I am on temporary assistance because I finally got the strength and courage to leave my abusive husband, the company I was WORKING at decided to close our office, and because I am pregnant nobody would hire me and unemployment ran out. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and they need some assistance until they can get back on their feet. I’m sure I will have no problem getting a job once I recover from having the baby. Not everyone on public assistance is lazy and unwilling to work. I’m even planning on continuing my education in January and still take care of my 3 kids. I probably will never retire no matter how long I work.