“Ultimately, the Church—as the only historical entity that transcends nationalisms and ideologies—must use its intellectual strength to combat, attenuate, or destroy that which was loosed from the abyss. “It is, therefore, the duty of those elements in Western Society that still possess a principle of spiritual unity to rally the divided forces of our civilization,” Christopher Dawson argued.”This is why it is so vital for Catholics to place their faith before their allegiance to the stupid tribalisms of American politics and listen to the Church first–whether it sounds to liberals like those scary right wingers or to conservatives like those damn libruls. The Church can never be contained by our puny ideologies (aka heresies). And it is the only thing that can ultimately supply the way out of the present war between the two forms of diseased spirituality–water secularism vs. inflamed jihadi fanaticism–that we now face just as it was the only thing that could supply the sane balance to insanities of the 20th Century.Read the rest of Dawson’s trenchant insights here in an excellent piece by the wonderful Brad Birzer. Excellent spiritual read on this somber anniversary. There is not and never has been any hope in this world. But there remains, and always will remain, abundant and eternal hope in Jesus Christ.