As the Thing That Used to Be Conservatism becomes more post-Christian, expect this kind of naked eugenicist filth to float up from the id with increased bravado (hear this editorial read in that tone of voice Limbaugh uses whenever he sneers out the words “compassion” or “poor” or, as he puts it “poo-er”).You have a family to support, so you deserve a higher wage? Here’s a brilliant idea: don’t start a family if you are unable to support it. I can walk into the local McDonalds right now and get a job at $8 an hour, but if I impregnate a girl next week at some college party then apparently I am worth more as an employee, although my skill set is exactly the same.This, being translated, means “Poor people have no right to have families” (and, for good contradictory measure, “Poor people are irresponsible fornicators with no sense of responsibility to their families”).This is how the Reptile Right (currently hatching among Dork Enlightenment types like this callow youth)–at last rid of the burden of Christians it never really felt all that comfortably with and only tolerated because they were so easy to exploit–will finally clasp hands in glad fellowship with the population planners and abortionists on the Left. Guys like this smug punk will lead the charge to impose “breeding licenses” on the “poo-er” and sneer at “compassionate fools” who want these vermin to overrun Good Hard-Working Murkans such as himself.Classic Satanic Ecumenism.