Pope St. Gregory VII thanks the emir an-Nasir for his good will towards his Christian subjects and commends to him the messengers of Alberic and Cencius, associates of the papal household (Rome: 1076) Gregory, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to an-Nasir, king of the province of Mauretania Sitifensis in Africa. ,Your highness has this year sent a letter to us asking that we would ordain the priest Servandus as bishop according to the Christian dispensation. Because your request seemed right and for the best, we have been glad to do this. Moreover, you sent presents to us and out of reverence for blessed Peter the prince of the apostles and of love for ourself you have freed Christians who were being held captive amongst your people;and you further promised that you would free other captives. Indeed,God the creator of all, without whom we cannot do or even think anything that is good, has inspired this generosity in your heart;he who enlightens every man coming,into this world, has enlightened your mind.in’this undertaking. For Almighty God,who wills all men to be saved and none to perish, has nothing that he more approves in us than that, after his love for him, a man should love his fellow man, and that he should not do to another what he would not have happen to himself. In truth, such charity both we and you owe more particularly to our own than to the remaining peoples, for we believe in and confess, albeit in a different way, the one God, and each day we praise and honour him as the creator of the ages and the ruler of this world. For as the Apostle says, ‘He is our peace,who has made both one.What is more,many of the Roman nobles who are aware through us that this grace has been granted to you by God altogether admire and voice abroad your generosity and virtues.-

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