Erick Erickson Declares Minimum Wage Workers are “Mostly People Who Failed At Life”No.  Really. And then he doubles down here.Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig remarks:Remember when it used to be good enough for conservatives that people were doing honest work? Not anymore. You have now “failed at life” if you work for minimum wage and try to secure better working conditions for yourself. The devil owns Erickson’s tongue, but I’ve said that for a long time.For a sense of what Abraham, in the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man called the “great chasm” between this gospel of mammon and the actual gospel of Jesus Christ, consider this:A thirty year old manual laborer, unmarried, living at home with his mom till he started wandering around talking about religion, with no place to lay his head, and so poor he has to borrow a coin when somebody asks him a question about paying taxes. Hangs around with whores and parasitic government bureaucrats who bleed hardworking people dry. Demands productive commandment-obeying citizens give away their hard-earned money to “the poor”. Yet when one of his own female groupies wastes a bunch of ointment on him and flatters his vanity, this limousine liberal has no use for their plight. Preaches dangerous kumbayah turn-the-other cheek garbage that would leave the people of his country prostrate before illegal alien invaders, instead of calling for second amendment rights and strong military budget. Yet he hypocritically goes on some kind of violent rampage against distinguished business leaders in the community while respectable people are trying to pray. Says class war stuff like “Blessed are you poor” and “woe to you who are rich” and tells nasty stories about shiftless street people going to heaven and Job Creators going to hell. This peace-and-lovenik gins up a mob of Takers against

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