A reader writes:I know that some of your readers have refused to acknowledge that this is an issue, but sincere pro-lifers need to be concerned about the job security and safety for pregnant women. This poor lady is losing her house and job as she is expecting and she is not the only one. Why do pro-life concerns evaporate when they cross the interests of corporate profits? Why are pregnant women so much the object of scorn rather than compassion?I consider you something of a voice in the wilderness. Why are the “much dreaded” feminists the ones doing the heavy lifting here and the Church remains silent?I think mostly the reason is that a huge percentage of Catholic conservatives don’t think with the Church, but instead mine the Church’s teaching for a few things they like and then navigate most of the rest of life according to their tribal allegiances and little shibboleths, code words, and tribal markers.  Feminists are part of Them (Liberals!  Proaborts!  Democrats!)  Therefore if they say it, it’s bad.This is a profoundly unCatholic and deeply ideological (read: “heretical”) way of navigating reality, of course.  If St. Thomas were alive today, the sort of people who think this way would charge him with heresy for treating Aristotle (A PAGAN!) and Averroes and Avicenna (MUSLIMS!) with such respect and laboring to incorporate their insights into a Catholic theology.  Much “conservative” Catholic culture in the US does not conserve and is far more interested in searching out heretics to expel than in seeking converts and places where we can evangelize the culture. (Recently, I was informed  that when Bernie Sanders (a lefty Vermont Senator) cited Pope Francis with approval, that was not a hopeful sign that Lefties were listening to the Church, but a horrible sign that