It’s no secret that I’m a big Tolkien fan. Not only are his works fantastic literature, they are also rich with Catholic motifs that inspire one to fight for what is good and true in the face of growing darkness.
Then there’s the films. While I’m highly disappointed with the new Hobbit movies, I think the Lord of the Rings trilogy, though flawed, captures the spirit of Tolkien’s works about as well as big budget Hollywood films can.
One of the manliest moments in the trilogy (and there are many) comes in the scene known as the Departure of Boromir. Tempted by the power of the ring, Boromir has just attempted to steal it from Frodo. Boromir feels guilty for his weakness, but he doesn’t have much time to brood as he is immediately embroiled in a battle against a horde of Uruk-hai seeking to kidnap any Hobbits they find. As he battles desperately to defend Merry and Pippin, Boromir redeems himself from his moral failure, though he ultimately is killed in the process. It is a truly heroic death.
Best line: “I would have followed you…my brother, my captain, my king.” Christological allusions, anyone?
Note: This scene contains un-bloody but intense violence.

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