Our dear friend Kim Carroll and her family urgently need your prayers.I write with a two-fold request: (1) pray for Kim Carroll (details below) for her brain surgery tomorrow, and (2) intercede to Servant of God Vincent Capodanno (he needs a miracle to advance his cause). One of Kim’s sisters wrote the following today about Kim’s condition. Thank you everyone.“This is a tough entry to try and write as fear just over takes us all. Kim goes into surgery again tomorrow. The tumor that was recently removed has come back with a vengeance. It is hard to detail all of the information that comes along, but suffice it to say that one more heroic measure is being taken to attack this angry nasty cancer. Radiation pellets will be placed in her skull and much of the new tumor is being removed again. It is back to 60% of the size it was just a short time ago but is more aggressive and spread out than it was before. There is a new lump in her neck as well that they will look at when in surgery.We ask for prayer for the kids and Brian, along with, the Doctors to do all that they can. The outcome may be mostly a gift of time, but that means we have hope, right!!??!!! So that is what we ask from all of you….miracles do happen so why not be direct and just ask for one, collectively, let us ask for one!!!!! So if you have a moment to take to your knees, this family could really use all the intervention and love that you can muster through prayer and conscious thought. Kim has always been a prayer warrior and she needs us all now to do the same.”Father, hear our prayer for Kim’s

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