here.The problem, of course, is not primarily with the cops but with the policymakers who give the orders and are assiduously working to transform the police from peacekeepers in a free society to instruments for treating a subject population like threats, enemy combatants, and cattle. The weaponization and militarization of the cops tells you what you need to know about how the Ruling Class see the rest of us and what they are prepared to do to keep you at bay when their own paranoid and jealous fear decides that the rest of us are too much of a threat to their power and their stuff.And that fear will have less and less to do with reality as time goes on. Sin makes you stupid. It also makes you full of baseless fear. The more godless our culture becomes, the more it will turn to force to hold things instead of love and the thousand small common decencies that used to make up a Christian society.The answer of the Faith is to respond with Christ. The answer of our godless culture will be to reply to violence with violence.