CATHOLIC MEDIA MINSTRY LAUNCHES UNPRECEDENTED WEBSITEFather Robert Barron describes revamped WordOnFire.orgas “a real game-changer” for the Church CHICAGO August 19, 2014 – When Father Robert Barron founded Word on Fire Catholic Ministries in 2000 and launched, the goal was simple: to share his homilies online.“I liked the idea of sending my homilies to a wider audience, all over the world. That’s something many great evangelists throughout history would have given their right arms for. But I had no idea how quickly this ministry would grow.”Over the next several years, Father Barron added YouTube commentaries, weekly articles, and daily blog posts. Soon, became one of the most popular Catholic websites in the world, drawing over 1.3 million unique visitors per year.“Through attracting millions of visitors, we knew our website was helping people. But we also knew the Internet was evolving. Mobile devices were on the rise and new trends in web design pushed us forward. We discerned it was time to revamp our website and create a stunning, innovative site unlike anything else out there.”Working with AM Design, an award-winning development studio based in Texas, the Word on Fire team spent a year researching and planning. The result is a beautiful and elegant website packed with new features. The homepage features a full screen video background, which randomly rotates on each visit. The team also improved the navigation and functionality.“One of the most innovative features is the tagging,” explains Father Barron, “On the old website, it was hard to find what you needed. So we spent hundreds of hours reviewing all my past content, carefully tagging each resource. Now, you can look up a favorite topic, a verse in the Bible, a paragraph in the Catechism, or a week in the liturgical calendar and find all the content I’ve ever