Three years ago, after much prayerful thought, my wife and I decided to go into business. I’m not prone to ‘feeling the call of God’ and this would be one of the few decisions that I believe we were prompted in a particular way. This lurched along for two hard long scraping years, before it got better. We then hired one, then another, and a third staff member over the course of the last year. The last hire turned out to be a crook. In eight weeks he cost us close to $40,000.00. That was discovered three months ago, and since then everything has pretty much gone to the dogs. There have been large unexpected bills, sickness, other staff issues, plus others.I’m very number focused, when I discovered the crookedness I made a plan, and it feels like each week its gone from difficult, to very difficult, to impossible, to now needing a miracle to pay the bills.But what I really want prayers for is that I’m exceptionally angry, both with the individual, but also with God. I have a quick temper, but this is a slow burning rage at both of them. I know myself well enough that given the temptation I am sure I will do evil, and I doubt I’ll regret it. This, combined with the stress seems to be killing my soul.Its the last part I need prayers for the most, but the first part I want prayers for the most.Father, hear our prayer that you would grace your son with the power to forgive, to hand his anger over to God, and to know that you know the injustice done him and that you desire to bring redemption out of it for his good and your

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