Fun fact: 1/4 of our homeless population are veterans. On the bright side, Clinton escaped homelessness after sacrificially dodging the draft to serve as Commander in Chief of the Military and leaving the White House “dead broke“, and Bush/Cheney are doing very well too. Indeed, Bush’s sacrificial stint with the National Guard and Cheney’s brave sacrificial willingness to get five draft deferments and send other people to war in his place freed them up to get the kind of lucrative public service work that would eventually ensure that lots of today’s troops would get the work that only they could send them to do–as well as generate plenty of work for prosthesis manufacturers, psychiatrists, family counselors, divorce lawyers, doctors, surgeons, suicide hotline counselors, homeless shelters, funeral home owners, munitions manufacturers and numerous related industries.  And Obama’s VA will presumably soon be able to process euthanasia candidates to help with the caseload.

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