As most of you know, I now work for the Archdiocese of Denver as the Director of the Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries.
Recently, Archbishop Aquila released a pastoral letter called “Family: Become What You Are.” In addition to this letter, my office was challenged with coming up with several new resources to help families. One of these resources is a new video that my entire family pitched in to make. Since I didn’t have a budget for actors, we had to step in
If you would, please share these resources right away on your social networks, blogs, podcasts, radio, and television programs.
Below are links to each of the 4 new resources available for free. It would be wonderful to see the Catholic media world sharing this content far and wide.
Archbishop Aquila’s Pastoral Letter
Video (5 Ways to a Stronger Family)

A Month of Dinnertime Questions
Family-Friendly Rosary Meditations
Check thou it out!

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