CNN’s on the story here.
One thing I will give Obama:  His SCOTUS appointees have joined the entire court in smashing him flat with unanimous rulings against him on 13 different occasions since 2012. Evidently they did not get the memo on what a brilliant Constitutional scholar he is.  Here’s hoping for No. 14.
Update: Breaking: SCOTUS rules mandate does not oblige closely-held companies like Hobby Lobby. Looks like the mandate is pretty much unenforceable. Good news!

As long as Obama can’t frog march people of conscience into somebody’s bedroom and force us to buy other people their contraceptives and abortifacients, I’m happy.  Well done, SCOTUS!
Upperdate:  This looks like a really solid win for the Good Guys!  I propose drinks, party favors, cake and ice cream all around!  There will be future battles as this most anti-Catholic of Administrations continues to seek ways to crush conscience.  But for today, we celebrate!

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