Here’s a recap of some of the articles I have particularly enjoyed this week.Loved this article about things that we should NOT be giving our kids in order to teach them to be responsible, self-sufficient, productive adults. 9 Things We Should Get Rid of To Help Our Kids – Kristin – We Are That FamilyLoosely tied into the above article is this one about the pervasive nature of greed in our culture. As adults and parents we need to address this tendency in ourselves before we can hope to enforce it in our children.  Greed: A Brief Meditation on One of the More Underreported Sins – Msgr Charles PopeThis article makes we want to move to Michigan: Why Did Two Towns Produce So Many Priests – Terry Mattingly – Get ReligionA short article on the downside of letting our quest for sports success consume our children’s lives. Let the Children Play by Gregory Pine, O.P. – First ThingsNo explanation needed…I’ll be trying these this summer! 50 Creamy Dessert Popsicles by Becca Ludlam at My Crazy Good Life

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