Outside My WindowToo dreary and rainy outside to post a picture of that…..Instead, as the church honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the month of June, here is a picture of my mantle…I am thinking…About the amazing Pentecost Rally that I was privileged to be part of the core team for, which took place this past Saturday. Over 1500 people joined with our Bishop in attending this first-ever multi-cultural rally. It was truly a Pentecost experience bringing together the English-speaking, Hispanic, Haitian and Filipino communities in our Diocese “All together in one place” (Acts 2:1) to pray for a new Pentecost for our church.  What a joyful, Spirit-filled celebration! I am thankful…For my wonderful husband who works so hard to protect and provide for our family and does it all with great love. He is a supportive homeschooling Dad and husband and seems to intuitively know when I am at the end of my rope – tossing in a lifeline of a Saturday to myself or an evening at Adoration or just cleaning the bathrooms!  I am grateful for him and for all the Dads out there who are trying to faithfully live out their marriage vows and lead their families to heaven. In the kitchen…My 11 year old son has recently taken an interest in cooking and has basically taken over breakfast. He has learned to make pancakes from scratch, corn muffins and eggs and toast. I really hope this is not a passing phase because I am enjoying having my breakfast served to me! Now to work on getting him to clean up after he is done cooking….I am wearing…A rainy day outfit – pink tee shirt, black sweat pants and flip-flops.   I am creating…A weekly blog series of reflections on  the Blessed Mother, entitled “Love Beyond All Telling” that I am hoping to launch in August.

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