It’s been a long and extra busy week for me here, so I have not had too much opportunity to do a lot of reading. Here are a few posts that I particularly enjoyed.Think that parenting can’t make you into a saint – think again! “Holy Parenthood” – Bill Donaghy – Catholic LaneA great article on the benefits and potential pitfalls of Catholic social media.”Catholic social media at the service of a culture of encounter” – Domenico Bettinelli – Bettnet.comWonderful ideas for an ideal RCIA program: “What If: RCIA Edition” – Keith Strohm – ABLAZE: Setting Our Hearts on Fire For ChristIt has been my family’s privilege to have several priest friends who have really been spiritual Fathers to our children (and us as well): Celibates Make Great Parents – Lauren Meyers – Ignitum TodayPowerful video highlighting the humility of Pope Francis – who kneeled before a crowd of 50,000 at a Roman Charismatic Conference to receive their prayers.

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