So over on Facebook, some of the Good Christian Jihadis of Murka have already got their proposal lined up for how to avoid the mess and expense of all that tiresome trial and due process crap for this Bergdahal dude they have decided, on the basis of press clippings, needs killin’:
Jihadi 1 ++He really needs a proper homecoming. >:)++
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Jihadi 2 Yes, but I think we can take care of that “with a proper homecoming.”
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IJihdadi 3 An IED on his front porch would be nostalgic, make for a great light show.
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Jihadi 2 Yes, exactly!!
Somebody explain to me the difference between this and Al Quaida’s solutions for those they deem traitors.
Remember when conservatives and Christians talked about “rule of law”? Good times. Good times.