Not a lot of watching or listening going on with me this week, but lots of great reading:As a Mom, I appreciated this article about vocations very much in helping guide my children to discern the Lord’s will in their lives: The Subjective Side of Vocations – Fr. Matthew Schneider – Ignitum TodayGreat post about the benefits of having your children start a blog. MY kids both have one (restricted to their grandparents and a few others) and it has been a great way to get them writing more!Five Reasons to Start A Homeschool Blog – Kate Moriarity – Seton MagazineBeautiful article about avoiding stereotypes with our children:Princess Isn’t a Bad Word – Natasha – As the Family GoesAn interview with Dr. Ralph Martin (author of several of my favorite books) about the New Evangelization:  An Interview with Ralph Martin: Pete Socks – Catholic Book BloggerConvicting post about the future of the church depending upon the depth of faith and the holiness of life of her members: Fr.Ratzinger’s Prediction of a Smaller Church:  James Milkin – Principium et FinisI urge anyone who struggles with guilt or shame to pray their way through this powerful post: “Shame consumed by love.”: posted at The Pittsburgh Oratory of St. Philip NeriBe prepared for tears watching this moving video about a soldier-Dad returning home to be reunited with his family and meet his infant daughter for the first time. Please keep our military in your prayers! – God VineJoin in on the recap and share a link to your own favorites in the comments box below!Receive new posts directly via email. Sign up for free today by entering your email address below!

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