I’m starting something new here at Saints 365!  Each Saturday, I’ll share several blog posts, articles, videos, or podcasts that I have read, watched or listened to the previous week that have touched me.   There is such a wealth of great material in the vast wide world of Catholic writing and I am hoping some of these inspire, encourage and challenge you as much as they have me!A convicting post for a girl who likes to just get the job done – Letting Christ Love Me, Unpleasantly – Dr. Thomas Neal – Word on Fire BlogI love good cheese. I am passionate about the New Evangelization – this article is a huge winner in my book: The New Evangelization Must Be Good Cheese – ReverbCulture BlogA thought provoking question: Should You Smoke While You Pray – Melanie Jean Juneau – Joy of 9Tips for overcoming the negative self-talks which seems to be pervasive among us girls! I Am a Worthless Loser and Other Lies I Believe – Strahlen Smith – Single Mom SmilingVery very practical advice for parents having “one of those days”: 12 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Around  – Ellen Mady – Eyes on HeavenFather Cantalamessa’s powerful testimony, delivered with humility and great joy at the Awakening the Domestic Church conference earlier this month. I have been working my way through Dr. Taylor Marshall’s podcasts and this is by far my favorite one so far: How to Make an Eternal Impact With Your LifeJoin in on the recap and share a link to your own favorites in the comments box below! Receive new posts directly via email. Sign up for free today by entering your email address below!