Looking for gift ideas for Mother’s Day?  Here are a few suggestions that will provide blessing, honor and encouragement to your Mom, Grandmother or Godmother.A Spiritual BouquetInstead of buying a traditional (and often overpriced) bouquet of flowers, give your Mom a bouquet whose fragrance will last for all eternity. A spiritual bouquet is a collection of prayers, devotions and acts of sacrifice or service that are gathered together in a card, mini-album, or scrapbook. These prayers are offered for the intentions of the recipient.  Every member of the family can participate in the creation of a spiritual bouquet – each providing their own unique “flower” to the arrangement. If you are giving one to a Grandmother, invite all her children and grandchildren to participate. Ask everyone to hand-write a note which honors Mom and thanks her for all she has done for them. Encourage them to make the notes personal and specific. Along with the note, have everyone include a specific spiritual offering they will make to the Lord for Mom’s intentions.  Some examples of spiritual offerings are:Praying the rosary each day for a month for MomSetting an alarm at 3:00 each day and offering a special prayer of intercession during the hour of mercy for Mom. Spending a Holy Hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and offering it for Mom’s intentions. Little ones can offer to pray a Hail Mary each day for their Mom. Have a Mass Offered For MomWe often think of offering a Mass only for the deceased members of our families, but a Mass intention can be offered for those who are living.  In fact, St. Anselm is often credited with saying that “A single Mass offered for oneself during life may be worth more than a thousand celebrated for the same intention after death.” To have a Mass

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