GK Chesterton and Tolerance

G.K. Chesterton and Tolerance

By Adam Minihan | January 10, 2017

G.K. Chesterton and Tolerance The Catholic Man Show Recently, a Friend of the Show asked about G.K. Chesterton in our closed Facebook group. (By the way, we have a great group of men who are Friends of the Show. We have challenging conversations almost daily. If you want to become a Friend of the Show, shoot…

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Living for Likes: The Danger of Living to Please Others

By Adam Minihan | May 19, 2016

As a blogger, one of the biggest temptations is to become fixated on likes, shares, and views, and to write everything so that it gets the most of them possible. Social media and the internet provide the ultimate feedback system, with instant knowledge of whether or not something was well received. The hard part is criticism,…

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Everyday Sanctity

By Adam Minihan | August 31, 2015

The 45 minute wait time. The stubbed toe. The traffic jam. The report due by 3 p.m. The gossiping relative. The mortgage payment. The gross diaper change. The unexpected car repair. The lost wallet. The rude person at the grocery store. The head cold. This is the stuff of ordinary life. In each of these moments we are…

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The 5 Advent Virtues of St. Joseph

By Adam Minihan | December 20, 2014

Saint Joseph can help us to live a most fruitful Advent, and for many reasons. Let us quietly meditate upon five extraordinary virtues of this greatest of all saints so that we can live a most fervent Advent season and allow Jesus to be born in the depths of our hearts this Christmas! 1. Silence.…

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Don’t Give in to Discouragement: Finding Hope in the Trials of Life

By Adam Minihan | September 4, 2014

Note: The following article is from a chapter in Dom van Zeller’s Suffering: The Catholic Answer, available from Sophia Institute Press. It is reprinted with permission. Psychologists tell us that one of the chief evils of our age, an evil apparently less evident in earlier ages, is that of easy defeat. Be this as it may, most people…

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Be Who You Are: Embracing Your Own Kind of Sanctity

By Adam Minihan | August 8, 2014

“Be who you are, and be that well.” – St. Francis de Sales Have you ever admired someone? I mean to the degree that you want to be just like them. For years now, I’ve admired, even venerated, G.K. Chesterton—and I don’t mean just his writing, as brilliant as that is, but Chesterton as a…

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6 Ways to Cultivate the Virtue of Humility

By Adam Minihan | July 18, 2014

Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist, there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance. —St. Augustine If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, you’ll know that I speak frequently about the importance of humility. The saints…

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Made for Pillows? Men, Boredom, and Pornography

By Adam Minihan | July 16, 2014

Pornography is not free speech. Pornography is pernicious. So why do so many men look at pornography? I would like to suggest to you that the reason so many men look at pornography is not only lust, but boredom. Brothers, if you struggle with pornography, it’s time to ask yourself a question: What would Uriah…

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Mass Attire

By Adam Minihan | December 13, 2017

This post was written by a guest blogger and Council of Man member, Rich Lamm. You…

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Be a joyful man by The Catholic Man Show

By Adam Minihan | December 13, 2017

On Being a Joyful Man by The Catholic Man Show Want happiness? Eat bacon! But…

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