Men of Iron (Iron Sharpens Iron, Part 2)

By Adam Minihan | April 14, 2015

As with many things in my life, I have given more thought to a recent post. I left you, the reader, hanging, and on purpose I might add. I wanted to follow up with another piece that expands upon a point that I made, but did not elaborate upon, and also add some more commentary…

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Iron Sharpeneth Iron

By Adam Minihan | April 6, 2015

“Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17 (Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition) I’ve always enjoyed this scripture passage for several reasons. First, it drives home the point of being on guard and ready to debate and philosophize with our Christian brothers and sisters. Second, it’s an exhortation to keep…

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Free Publication and App from Dr. Scott Hahn

By Adam Minihan | April 1, 2015

Dr. Scott Hahn would like to offer you a free subscription to the St. Paul Center’s monthly publication Breaking the Bread. In every issue of Breaking the Bread you’ll get short Bible studies on the readings for each of that month’s Sunday Masses. These studies are aimed at helping you better understand the story of salvation as…

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By Adam Minihan | February 9, 2015

Want to read 14 books of the Bible in 2 weeks? Read one of these books per day and you will have read 14 books of the Bible in half a month! The following are 7 Old Testament books and 7 New Testament books, each under 100 verses. The number of verses in each is…

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10 Arguments Against Sola Scriptura

By Adam Minihan | January 9, 2015

Before we make arguments refuting Sola Scriptura, it would be best to define it as many people have defined it in different ways. We are going to use the definition given by Wikipedia Sola Scriptura (Latin ablative, “by Scripture alone”) is the Protestant Christian doctrine that the Bible is the supreme authority in all matters…

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Question About Baruch

By Adam Minihan | October 30, 2014

A reader writes:A Protestant coworker is asking me questions about the seven “extra” books in the Catholic Bible. He recently asked me why in the book of Baruch it says that the Babylonian captivity would last seven generations when in Jeremiah it says it would last 70 years. I could not find an answer to…

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St. James, Damned Modernist

By Adam Minihan | October 15, 2014

Here he is spouting damned post-Vatican II heresy about valuing temptation:My brethren, count it all joy, when you shall fall into divers temptations: Knowing that the trying of your faith worketh patience And patience hath a perfect work: that you may be perfect and entire, failing in nothing. (Jas 1:2–4).I’m told that the bit about…

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Another question about the deuterocanon

By Adam Minihan | September 26, 2014

A reader writes:I have read your article on deuterocanonical books, your reasons on why they should be included in the bible. Can you provide a simplified version of that writing?Sure. Because the Church in union with Peter, the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15) granted authority by Christ to loose and bind…

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Faith on the Ferry

By Adam Minihan | August 22, 2014

My friend Joyce Crain is doing very cool stuff with Scripture study on the ferry between San Juan Island (in Puget Sound) and the mainland.Check it out!

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Mass Attire

By Adam Minihan | December 13, 2017

This post was written by a guest blogger and Council of Man member, Rich Lamm. You…

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Be a joyful man by The Catholic Man Show

By Adam Minihan | December 13, 2017

On Being a Joyful Man by The Catholic Man Show Want happiness? Eat bacon! But…

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