RCIA – My First Christmas Season Before now, I had thought I was revering Christmas. Each year in my childhood, my mother and father took turns reading the Christmas story from one of the gospels. They also made sure we watched King of Kings, Ben Hur, and The Ten Commandments during the month of December… Read More

RCIA this week is the third week of Advent and the last meeting until after the new year. The topic was sin and how it came into the world via the fall of man. As one might expect, this topic weighs heavily on anyone who is contemplating their spiritual place in the universe; and that… Read More

This week was another week in RCIA that I wished could have been covered over several days. We discussed the Saints, starting with a prayer known as “The Litany of the Saints.” Among the topics was a brief overview of how a person becomes a officially recognized saint and how that process has evolved over… Read More

We are now in the season of advent. What surprises me most about what I am learning through RCIA about the Catholic view of the days leading up to Christmas, is that I have been very closely following the view of the Church for most of my life. As a child, we learned about the… Read More

Social Justice – This last RCIA class was held before the first Sunday in Advent. For the first time since deciding to convert to Catholicism, and since starting my RCIA journey, the class topic was personally challenging. When the young Father announced the teaching would be on Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice, I could… Read More

I have been asked to write about my experiences going through the RCIA process. I hope my journey helps others with theirs and sheds light on some of the misconceptions, fears, and untruths about what the Catholic faith is all about.   A Brother in Christ   I come from a household that held faith… Read More