Join us in praying for Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for January 2016!   Click Here for a St. Michael Catholic Radio Flash Drive! KPIM: Call Jesus through Mary Opening the Holy Door of Mercy STREAM ST. MICHAEL CATHOLIC RADIO HERE!… Read More

Thank you for joining us today. I pray you and your family are having a blessed Lent. TODAY’S BIBLE VERSE: COLOSSIANS 4:2 DEVOTE YOURSELVES TO PRAYER, BEING WATCHFUL AND THANKFUL. Devote is a verb defined as: give all or a large part of one’s time or resources to a person, activity, or cause. There are… Read More

Before I start, let me say one thing: discovering how to pray is a lifelong adventure and the methods I describe below are a starting point, a map that can point us in the right direction. Let us also remember that prayer is not rigid and full of formulas we must use. If we restrict ourselves to saying “100 Our Fathers… Read More

  Click Image to see Jesus make the sign of the cross The Sign of the Cross is a simple gesture yet a profound expression of faith for both Catholic and Orthodox Christians. As Catholics, it’s something we do when we enter a church, after we receive Communion, before meals, and every time we pray.… Read More