Deacon Kevin Sartorius, Director of Catholic Charities of Tulsa, meets with Catholic Young Adults of Tulsa in their final ‘Holy Grounds’ of the season. They discussed Catholic Charities’ new Porta Caeli House and how Catholics approach end-of-life issues. Interested in joining the CYA? Join their Facebook page:  … Read More

Baptism Saves you By: Fr. Dwight Longenecker Originally posted on Catholic Answers Even though I was brought up in a devoutly Evangelical home, I wasn’t baptized until I was 21 years old. We attended an independent Bible church with an essentially Baptist theology, and the irony about this Baptist theology is that it actually de-emphasized… Read More

Starting Out As an Apologist People often ask, “How should I begin to train myself to defend my faith? How do I prepare for the inevitable knock on the door? I don’t want to have to stand there open-mouthed.” The best place to start your homework is the Bible. Almost every American home has one.… Read More

Thank you for joining us today.  I pray you had a great weekend! TODAY’S BIBLE VERSE: SIRACH 4:28 STRIVE EVEN TO DEATH FOR THE TRUTH AND THE LORD GOD WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. One of my favorite apologists, possibly my favorite living apologist, of the Catholic faith is a man by the name of Trent… Read More

We are excited to announce the first edition of “Stump the Seminarian” with Joe Heschmeyer. Joe runs a website called Shameless Popery. There’s a LOT of really good stuff on this site so please check it out! We are thankful Joe was willing to team up with St. Michael Radio to help answer questions about the… Read More

Can Catholic teaching on the Eucharist be found in the Bible? At the Last Supper, Jesus took bread and said to his disciples, “This is my body . . . Do this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19). Many Christian denominations claim that Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist was merely symbolic, and that the Catholic… Read More