CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield speaks to a popular atheist blogger about her surprising conversion to Catholicism.   TOP 10 BLOGS OF 2015 FROM ST. MICHAEL CATHOLIC RADIO STREAM ST. MICHAEL CATHOLIC RADIO LIVE! CALL JESUS THROUGH MARY  … Read More

This is the last “Journey through RCIA” blog. Please keep this writer and everyone who is preparing to enter the church this week in your prayers. Thank you for reading……   RCIA – The End of the Journey This week marks the last week in the RCIA process. It is Holy Week, and at the… Read More

2nd Scrutiny of the Elect – 4th Sunday in Lent This past Sunday was the rite known as the 2nd Scrutiny of the Elect (those who are unbaptized, seeking baptism and entry into the church). As I am baptized, I was not up in front of the congregation; however, we are all still participants in… Read More

Purification and Enlightenment: The Penitential Rite- This next phase of my journey is called Purification and Enlightenment. It is meant to be a time of less instruction and catechism study. Instead it is a time to become more spiritually focused. It is a time of self-examination and reflection to allow one to become ready to… Read More

RCIA: The Rites of Sending/Election/Continuing Conversion This week was focused around the rites to be celebrated by those in the program. Those who are unbaptized celebrated the rites of Sending and of Election. Those who are baptized celebrated the rites of Sending and of Continuing Conversion. Having already been baptized in a prior christian faith… Read More

RCIA Catholic Morality This week’s class was on the many facets that make up the Catholic moral life. The following is a brief description of morality based on a talk given by a guest speaker this last week. In modern times, it can be tough to discern what a moral choice looks like. My own… Read More