Dr. Scott Hahn would like to offer you a free subscription to the St. Paul Center’s monthly publication Breaking the Bread. In every issue of Breaking the Bread you’ll get short Bible studies on the readings for each of that month’s Sunday Masses. These studies are aimed at helping you better understand the story of salvation as… Read More

Evangelizo The number of Catholic (and Orthodox) apps for smartphones is surprising, and it grows it seems every month. This past week I came across a four-year-old app for the Daily Gospel Reading, produced and maintained by an organization of a hundred volunteers around the world. The organization is called Evangelizo, founded by two young… Read More

We just did a big huge mystical magical technomage upgrade to the site that I don’t understand at all.  They are still working bugs and gremlins out, I’m told.  But I wanna ask ya:  Is it loading better and making you happier?  Problems to report?  Please feel free to tell Mr. Combox about your experience.… Read More

The site will be down from 1:00 PM PDT to 8:00 AM tomorrow. Hopefully, this will address a lot of the issues I’ve been hearing about from readers (and faithfully passing on to our webelves). From what I gather this is sitewide upgrade. So: patience please!… Read More