November 1-7, 2015 is National Vocations Awareness Week – a week, according to the USCCB website “dedicated to promote vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life through prayer and education…”  In celebration of this week, here are some ways my family fosters an openness to a religious vocation in our domestic church.  1. Talk. talk.… Read More

I was closing in on my 11th birthday when Pope Paul VI died. The subsequent election and death of Pope John Paul I followed by the election of the young, dynamic non-Italian Pope John Paul II fascinated me.  I scoured newspapers and magazines (the internet of the day) for articles about the Popes – and meticulously… Read More

I’m honored to be participating in a blog series hosted by Gina over at Someday Saints which is focused on vocations and how Catholic families can foster vocations within their domestic churches. Stop by Someday Saints to read other entries in the series and be sure to share your own ideas in the comments below!  For… Read More

Patient waiting.These two little words most accurately describe the tone and theme of the season of Advent.Patient waiting.No two words in the English language are more incompatible with young children.How do those of us with young children help them to celebrate the beautiful season of Advent without being overrun by the mad rush to Christmas… Read More