Washington, D.C. – “In 1915, a German army officer named Armin Wegner… began to document a genocide that was taking place against Armenians. Over one million people, eradicated, marched into the desert, and murdered. Armen Wegner smuggled photos out at great risk to himself, to show the documented genocide that was taking place. In 1933… Read More

…by an American politician.Takes a conference intended to help the suffering Christians of the Mideast, climbs atop a giant mound of dead Christians, and hijacks the conference in order preach about the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the State of Israel. When the crowd demands he stick to the purpose of the conference and… Read More

A reader writes:Hi!  I hope that you are well and that you had a very nice birthday.  As you have been consistently covering on your blog, the situation for Iraqi’s religious minorities and refugees is getting worse, and it seems like nothing is being done about itThere is a very good reason why more people… Read More

The red was painted by ISIS goons.  It’s their shorthand for “Christians” and is meant to mark Christians for death or expulsion.  The black was written by Muslims opposed to ISIS.  It means “We are all…” (Remember that Arabic is read from right to left). UPDATE:  It appears the image is photoshopped.  Don’t know by… Read More