As the Church prepares to celebrate her birthday – the great Feast of Pentecost, here are a few of my favorite quotes and prayers.  Please feel free to pin and share on Social Media (of course, tell ’em where you got ’em).  -1-This quote is the opening portion of a beautiful prayer to be recited… Read More

The routine and ritual of the Sunday mornings of my childhood are forever etched into my memory. My siblings and I looked forward to Saturday night sleepovers at my Italian-immigrant Grandmother’s house and on Sunday morning we awoke to the smell of frying meatballs and simmering sauce. Hand in hand, we walked with my Grandmother… Read More

Join us in praying for Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for January 2016!   Click Here for a St. Michael Catholic Radio Flash Drive! KPIM: Call Jesus through Mary Opening the Holy Door of Mercy STREAM ST. MICHAEL CATHOLIC RADIO HERE!… Read More

The opening of the Holy Door is a traditional part of the inauguration of a Jubilee year. Check out this video of Pope Francis opening the Holy Door at St. Peter’s on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. The act of opening the door is rich… Read More

Tuesday December 8, 2015 marks the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy – which will run for a full year until its closing on the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe: November 20, 2016. I am so excited about this year for two BIG reasons:First, my husband and I experienced a major life-altering… Read More

I was closing in on my 11th birthday when Pope Paul VI died. The subsequent election and death of Pope John Paul I followed by the election of the young, dynamic non-Italian Pope John Paul II fascinated me.  I scoured newspapers and magazines (the internet of the day) for articles about the Popes – and meticulously… Read More

Last week was a rough one. Our homeschool was just two weeks into the back to school torture, ahem, routine that occurs every September and already I found myself out of patience, out of energy, and out of gas…literally.  Turning the ignition key of my car early one morning as my kids loaded their backpacks for our once-a-week co-op, I glanced… Read More

BLESSED JUNIPERO SERRA  An 18th century Spanish Franciscan who founded a string of missions across Mexico and California will be canonized Pope Francis announced on January 15th. Blessed Serra is credited with directly founding 9 missions in California, one in Baja California in Mexico and with reinvigorating established missions in Mexico. The announcement came when… Read More

Timothy Putnam, host of Outside the Walls, and Fr. Brian O’Brien, president of Bishop Kelley High School, are leading a pilgrimage to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis! Download the Papal Visit 2015 flyer for more details.… Read More