“APOLOGETICS 101” OUR FOURTH EPISODE OF THE CATHOLIC MAN SHOW IS IN THE BOOKS! OUR FOURTH EPISODE IS CALLED “APOLOGETICS 101”. A couple of notes regarding the show: #CheerstoJesus is the new hashtag we want to start! Thank you Andrew DeJoseph and Juan Posada for answering our request in helping us with the new “Man Gear”! Special… Read More

Trent Horn discusses ‘Does the Bible Support Homosexuality’ on Catholic Answer Live! Catholic Answers Live can be heard on St. Michael Catholic Radio M-F from 5P-7p. Listen to the Podcast Here:  … Read More

On Monday March 14th, 2016 Catholic Apologist Trent Horn had 2 segments on Catholic Answers Live. The topic was “Why are you an Atheist?”. After his conversion to the Catholic Faith, Trent Horn earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Arizona State University and a master’s degree in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He… Read More

Devin Rose is a Catholic Apologist and Author from Austin, TX. His website is www.devinrose.heroicvirtuecreations.com/blog/. Devin’s book “The Protestant Dilemma” is a best seller and must read for anyone who takes their faith seriously. Here is the question posed to Devin Rose and his response: I got a great response to my request for questions and… Read More

Starting Out As an Apologist People often ask, “How should I begin to train myself to defend my faith? How do I prepare for the inevitable knock on the door? I don’t want to have to stand there open-mouthed.” The best place to start your homework is the Bible. Almost every American home has one.… Read More

When a Fundamentalist tells you you are a pagan because some Catholic feast falls in a pagan sacred day, ask them what day of the week it is.… Read More

This months installment of the Bad Evangelist Club comes from David Gray who talks about how Protestants view “the essentials” and how Catholics misunderstand their views. One habit of the Protestant mind I have noticed again and again and again it the “Heads I Win, Tails the Church Loses” ploy in discussing what is and… Read More

Yr Obdt. Svt. on Sacred Tradition and the unreality of Bible Only revelation. This is in English, but I’m gratified to hear that CERC will be translating some of my stuff into Spanish. I’d really love to start geting my stuff translated in Chinese. One of these days….… Read More