On Being a Joyful Man by The Catholic Man Show Want happiness? Eat bacon! But that which abides in man and gives him fulfilling purpose is not happiness as it is very fleeting. Brothers, it is joy that we should attempt to obtain while we live. As a father, my children give me joy and… Read More

WORD MADE FLESH How are we not in awe of what God has done for us? We are in the season of preparation, of watching, and hopeful anticipation – namely, Advent. We are reminded of not only Christ’s birth but also His impending Second Coming where all shall be put in its place by His… Read More

Waiting for Christ The Catholic Man Show As Roman Catholics, pressing on in our lives to uphold what was passed down from Jesus Christ Himself, we often must endure life and it’s many trials. But it is not patience that we employ but rather longanimity; for patience is far more to do with enduring suffering… Read More

Certain things make us people watchers. Like a rare family trip to the mall, for instance, particularly when the young, female contingency wants to stop by Claire’s. For the uninitiated, Clare’s is the “you too can be a pop princess” store. Not all bad, just not our shtick. I gave it a valiant five minutes.… Read More

Years ago, Jessica at Shower of Roses inspired me with her gorgeous Advent book basket -I imagined the joy my children would experience seeing a big basket of beautifully wrapped purple and pink books. The book basket did not disappoint and when my daughter saw this year’s books all wrapped and ready to go – she jumped… Read More

Let’s be honest – December is a crazy month – amiright?  Every December I have the best of intentions of truly using Advent as a time of preparation, but most Decembers, the pink candle is lit on the Advent wreath before I even realize that I have done nothing at all to prepare my heart… Read More

I set out this for a quick errand to find a book on the importance of Advent. How hard could that be? As I was to learn, very hard indeed. Four bookstores and two library branches later, I came home with one book of dubious value and one booklet with some good stuff.  (I also came… Read More

We are now in the season of advent. What surprises me most about what I am learning through RCIA about the Catholic view of the days leading up to Christmas, is that I have been very closely following the view of the Church for most of my life. As a child, we learned about the… Read More

If you’re like me, Advent is a difficult season to celebrate, and is often overlooked. Before the first candle on the Advent wreath is even lit, our schedules fill up with gifts to buy, errands to run, and parties to attend. Through the hustle and bustle, we can forget the true purpose of Advent, to… Read More

Happy New Year!  No – I haven’t mis-scheduled a blog post. On the first Sunday of Advent, the Church marks the first day of a new Liturgical year.  As with the celebration of the new calendar year each January, the new Church year is a time of new beginnings, of fresh starts, and of renewed purpose. It… Read More