‘The eugenical opportunity I have described is but an ultimate analysis of a whole drift of thoughts in the type of man who does not analyse his thoughts. He sees a slouching tramp, with a sick wife and a string of rickety children, and honestly wonders what he can do with them. But prosperity does… Read More

‘Man bites dog’ is.  That’s why it’s news when George Will, Glenn Beck, and Hugh Hewitt break with the Conservative Media Hive Mind and argue that desperate poor children at the border should be treated like human beings and not like the disease-bearing alien terrorists that haunt the imagination of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife right wing media’s vile… Read More

Talking Hairdo at Breitbart complains that Francis is helping kids at US border but not persecuted Iraqis.Yeah. Why doesn’t he unleash some drones or Swiss Guards on ISIS?Um, sweetie, the Pope has no divisions. He can pray (and has) for the persecuted Christians in the Mideast. He can express his love and solidarity with the… Read More

Mark, the conservative Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Ky state senate has written a very humble and thoughtful piece on immigration and the crisis on the border. He is a state legislator, not a member of Congress, but he could be a rising star in the Ky GOP and is a refreshing,… Read More