Baptism Saves you By: Fr. Dwight Longenecker Originally posted on Catholic Answers Even though I was brought up in a devoutly Evangelical home, I wasn’t baptized until I was 21 years old. We attended an independent Bible church with an essentially Baptist theology, and the irony about this Baptist theology is that it actually de-emphasized… Read More

The routine and ritual of the Sunday mornings of my childhood are forever etched into my memory. My siblings and I looked forward to Saturday night sleepovers at my Italian-immigrant Grandmother’s house and on Sunday morning we awoke to the smell of frying meatballs and simmering sauce. Hand in hand, we walked with my Grandmother… Read More

This blog was written by our friends and supporters at Please make sure you visit their website and thank them for their support to 102.9FM St. Michael Catholic Radio! ANNIVERSARY OF OUR BAPTISM April 19, 2015 It is a very excellent and profitable devotion to celebrate in a pious manner the anniversary of the… Read More

Head on over to check out my latest post in Catholic Lane’s weekly series “Front Row With Francis” which provides reflections on the Holy Father’s weekly audiences. This week, due to the Pope’s summer hiatus, the series is looking back at his Jan 15 audience on Baptism.  Read my reflections on the legacy of faith… Read More