It happened again today… I opened my eyes to the bright morning sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. I could hear my husband shaving in the bathroom and the sounds of my children bustling around the kitchen.  UGH – I groaned and lay back on my pillow.  I did it again. All of my best laid plans for rising early in the morning, before the rest of my family, to catch up on some prayer time, study and exercise had been foiled again by the tempting lure of sleep. Why do I do this to myself?If this scene sounds like one that plays itself out in your home as well, I invite you to join me and fellow Catholic blogger Allison Gingras from Reconciled to You in taking a 14 Day “Heroic Minute” Challenge. We will begin the challenge on Monday April 4, 2016 and will be posting daily entries about how the challenge is going as well as reflections on the Heroic Minute from St. Escriva, the Scriptures and the wisdom of the saints through the ages.. What is the Heroic Minute?The “Heroic Minute” is a phrase coined by St. Josemarie Escriva, in his famous book The Way: The Essential Classic of Opus Dei’s Founder. The book is a collection of St. Escriva’s wise and challenging exhortations to the lay people whom he served as Spiritual Director. It is a timeless classic, and I have found in the past that taking his advice has richly enhanced not only my spiritual life, but also my minute by minute existence here in the trenches of everyday life. The Heroic Minute is simply the first minute of the day – the moment when we open our eyes and can choose either to immediately rise and greet the day, or roll over, hit the snooze button and

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