…was yesterday. And because I am a dork, I missed posting this on time. But it’s still relevant:In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day today (October 15) we are spreading the word about our new info site: CatholicMiscarriageSupport.com.If you know someone who might find this information valuable, please pass this on! (And even if you don’t – feel free to share anyway!) We hope it is helpful to non-Catholics as well, and it even has a “For Family and Friends” page to give you ideas for helping someone you know who has lost a child to miscarriage.We hope to continue improving the site with search engine optimization, more resources, and an associated blog where people can share their stories in the future, so let us know if you can help us as we move forward on those projects. Thank you to those who have already contributed!And finally, please pray for us as we start sharing this ministry and, even more importantly, for those who are searching for a site like this as they mourn the loss of their little one(s).God bless their work in the Vineyard!