Very briefly, Dad is struggling to find work.  Mom is in school.  They are trying to feed their family (which involves complicated food allergies).  And they have a crazy neighbor making life hell for them and a landlord who wants to put them on the street, as well as other bills piling up.Mom writes:We’re already scrounging just to stay fed especially with my daughter’s and my food allergies making our diet expensive. The most immediate need is $300 to the water (that’s only the past due and no, I don’t know why in a climate that’s basically a swamp the water is so expensive) which they’ll shut off in 10 days otherwise. Next most immediate need is about $156 to the PIPP low-income assistance program for electricity and gas, because if we’re not caught up on that by November we get kicked off the program and likely get the electric and gas shut off. Then there’s paying the water bill completely off, then back rent… And we just were informed that we owe a thousand dollars and our low income program is cutting us off. Looking toward the future we’ll eventually need a security deposit and some thrift store furniture, but that’s a ways ahead and hopefully we’ll have some income by then.If you can possibly help, then please do by clicking the button below. They really need this help badly. It will go directly to them.She also asks us to please pray for them, sooooo….Father, hear our prayer that dad can swiftly get a good job at a living wage, that the threat of eviction will be averted, that the other bills can be paid, and that you would help mom get her degree, and everything come out right. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them. We