Here he is, doing what every Christian in the world should do in the face of human evil: taking responsibility and turning to God for mercy instead looking around for somebody else to blame.One of the things that finally dawned on me a couple of years ago was that it was stupid to blame God for “demanding” the crucifixion of Jesus.  The thing about the cross is that God handed himself over entirely to us and said, “Knock yourself out.  I’m in your hands.  What would you like to do?”  It was the ultimate genie granting the ultimate wish.  We had God, God almighty, right there in our hands and we had the opportunity of all lifetimes to respond in whatever way we possibly could.   We, us, our race, all of us, in one accord, looked over the menu of possibilities and we, us, our race, all of us, decided it would be really fun and smart to beat the living hell out of him, twist a crown of thorns and ram it down on his head just for the delectable gratuitous cruelty of the thing.  Then we, us, our race, all of us, in one accord, decide that wasn’t enough and so bestirred ourself to take the shocked victim and beat him some more as he carried some heavy lumber several hundred yards, pound some nails through his hands and feet, and settle down to watch the show as the flies bit him and he struggled for breath while he slowly underwent pulmonary edema.It was entirely our choice to demonstrate just why *that* sacrifice was necessary to redeem our wretched fallen species.  And we go on demonstrating it to this day.  We broke the world.  We did this. And now we blame God, or the Jews, or liberals, or Obama